Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday’s Side Dish: Wang’s Crispy Sea Snack

Catch a seafood wasabi

Get cravings for sushi flavors but don’t know how to roll ‘em?  The Mixed Stew recommends Wang’s seasoned and dried seaweed with Wasabi.  Yes, this snack item is spiked with real Wasabi.  Best of all – it comes conveniently packaged in 1 gram bags.  The Mixed Stew crew bought 4 packages for $ 4.99 at H-Mart.  Also, look for this product at Lotte Plaza.  If you’ve never had it, we suggest that you enjoy Wang’s “Crispy Sea Snack/ Wasabi” with an ice cold beverage since the hit of Wasabi, in every crisp piece, is very palpable.         

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