Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday’s Helping: Serving Up Spring Rolls

How you stuff’em and dip ‘em

There’s something about biting into one of these that rewards our tastebuds with yum yum.  You can make these savory and sweet.   They also make for great finger food, too.  If you prefer to go sweet and serve dessert rolls, roll some banana or mango slivers inside the light wraps.  Dip the pieces of fruit in some powdered sugar or brown sugar before rolling them inside to enhance the fruit’s natural sweetness.  Meanwhile, remember that you can always switch out the ground pork with chicken, beef, seafood, or crab meat.  Another simple filling can be made using blanched and julienned veggies, such as carrots and cabbage, which are finely cut lengthwise.  You can use a “stacking method” with julienned ingredients while rolling your spring rolls.  Lastly, spring rolls can be dipped in any sauce that compliments the stuffing’s ingredients.         

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