Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday’s Cupful: Background on Mondongo

Bite into tripe (or pork intestines)

What’s not to like in sopa de mondongo?  Well….the tripe takes an acquired taste so be patient when serving this dish to younger humans.  People from the Dominican Republic claim sole ownership of this soup made with the cow’s stomach.  Mondongo has all the trappings of a meal item from yesteryear.  Imagine a father or mother trying to stretch pantry and kitchen resources by making this rich soup from scratch.  The braising and long cooking time ensure the tender pieces of tripe feel like they’re melting on the tastebuds.  Look for different variations in Latin America, the Philippines, and the Caribbean.  Some recipes call for pork intestines instead of beef tripe.  The range of vegetables included in this soup also varies from region to region.      

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