Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday’s Cupful: Background on Liver and Onions

A duo in many countries

Look out for different variants of “Liver and Onions” throughout the globe.   Food historians believe, however, that this dish has origins in the United Kingdom.   The acquired flavor of the cooked liver is somehow made yummier thanks to the sweet and tangy onions.  The Mixed Stew crew has seen it on more than one or All-American diner menus.  The British like serving it with boiled or mashed potatoes.  Traditional recipes call for thinly sliced liver pieces with giant onion slices.  The recipe items are cooked together or separately.  If you choose not to separate the ingredients while cooking, we recommend dicing the liver into bit-sized pieces.  Be careful not to overcook the meat or else it becomes inedible.     

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