Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday’s Side Dish: Somen Noodle Dressing

A great accompaniment in a pinch

This Japanese food product is also referred to as “soy sauce for noodles.”  Each bottle contains unique ingredients, such as bonito and cooking (sweet) sake.  A (10 oz) bottle costs $3.99 and up depending on the brand.   In traditional Japanese cuisine, diners dip cold somen noodles into this sauce to make the noodles more palatable for any meal.  We suggest substituting buckwheat noodles, yellow egg noodles, or even rice vermicelli in a pinch.  Somen tyusu can serve as the flavor base (or dressing) for an Asian-inspired noodle salad.   Look for this item at H-Mart, Lotte, or your favorite Asian foods grocery store.

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