Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday’s Side Dish: T.O. Williams Virginia Smoked Link Sausage

A porky item that’s hot, too

We admit to getting a hankering for smoked sausage on more than one occasion in the course of a month.  This food item caught our attention during a recent visit to the grocery store.  T.O. Williams brand Virginia Link HOTSausage A 16 oz package 8 links comes reasonably priced at $2.99 and above so do hunt around for the best price.  They’re really produced in Portsmouth, Virginia.  Look forward to seeing their “red color,” which is a trademark.   The Mixed Stew Crew likes having these sausages for breakfast as a serving of meat instead of the usual bacon or true breakfast sausage.  We also suggest chopping it up and placing it in baked beans, gumbo soup, or even fried rice.  Yes, the heat will get you so eat with caution.

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