Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday’s Cupful: Background on Hawaiian Poke

A Hawaiian delicacy

Yes, this dish may be an acquired taste for people who’ve never sampled it.  Poke (Poh-kei) translates into “cut meat” or “slice.”  Hawaiians have prepared different fresh fish, such as Ahi or Salmon, in this fashion for generations.  Look for several variations of Poke in supermarkets throughout Hawaii.  Sam Choy – a world renowned chef – is credited with poke’s resurgence and newfound popularity in Hawaii and areas outside the islands.  He inaugurated the Sam Choy Poke Festival in 1991.  Mr. Choy also opened several Hawaiian/ Pan-Asian themed restaurants that serve his trademark Ahi Poke in cities nationwide.  Poke reminds the Mixed Stew crew of Japanese Sashimi. 

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