Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday’s Last Spoonful: Field Trip

Joe’s Crab Shack: Hanover, Md.

Where can you go to sample seafood and experience a real crab crackin’ good time?  Joe’s Crab Shack will satisfy any cravings that you and your family have for fresh seafood.  The restaurant chain started in Texas during 1991.  Their menu includes several signature items, such as steamed crab pots, buckets of crab, and classic shrimp and fish platters.  For example, Joe’s Classic steam pot contains Dungeness crab, Snow crab legs, boiled shrimp, and smoked sausage.  We paid $29.99 for a steam pot that’s listed for 2 people (but portions were actually enough to feed 3 people).  Meanwhile, the Crab Daddy Feast bucket contains Snow crab, Dungeness crab, and King crab with sausage and new potatoes.   If you’d rather sample a dinner platter, we recommend the Shrimp Trio that includes crab stuffed shrimp, Malibu shrimp, and coconut shrimp.  Joe’s Crab Shack encourages its patrons to strap on a bib and get crackin’ so visit one today.

Joe’s Crab Shack – Anne Arundel
7051 Arundel Mills Blvd.

Hanover, MD 21075

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