Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday’s Side Dish: Inglehoffer Mustards

Fancier mustards in a pinch

The Mixed Stew crew was able to pick up a small jar of Inglehoffer brand name mustard.  Don’t let the fancy packaging and foreign name fool you.  These premium mustards, which come in different flavors like Sweet Orange –N- Honey or Stone Ground, are produced and distributed by Beaverton Foods in Oregon.  Consumers can expect to pay $ 1.50 and up for a 4 oz. jar of this line of mustard.  That constitutes a pretty price hike compared to purchasing regular yellow mustard – French’s or otherwise.  We recommend selecting and serving Inglehoffer mustard on special occasions, such as office parties or holiday brunch parties.  Look for this food item at almost all major supermarkets.         

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