Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday’s Helping: Alterations to Pernil Pork

Make it have more zing

If our recipe is still too plain for your tastes, we suggest adding a touch of liquid smoke to the paste-like marinade for more oomph.  Also, try making traditional gravy with the drippings and juices at the bottom of the pan once this roast is done baking for some extra yum that can be poured over every serving.  What else can be done?  Chop potatoes, carrots, and leaks to bake at the bottom of the roasting pan while the pork shoulder is roasting.  The extra effort amounts to an additional side dish of roasted veggies. Finally, remember that you can add more of the cayenne pepper and other warm seasonings to the marinade in order to take the end product in different flavor directions. 

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