Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday’s Side Dish: Sausage Craft Chorizos, etc.

Lovely Specialty Sausages

It’s a shame that Chris Mattera’s yummy sausages are not available for special order.  He’s the founder of SAUSAGE CRAFT, which makes over 1 dozen unique meat sausages, in Richmond, Va.  Mr. Mattera’s cooking background includes time spent studying under a traditional butcher in Italy.  The Mixed Stew crew was lucky to get its hands on their Chorizo but this sausage company makes other really funky sausage links!  The Full Miniato consists of pork spiced with garlic, peppers, and even real truffle shavings.  Meanwhile, the Pork Belly Sausage is made from shoulder and belly cuts that are seasoned with red wine and rosemary.  Ground pork is flavored with hot Sriracha and beer in The Saturday Nite Sausage.  Look for sausages by SAUSAGE CRAFT in the Maryland/ DC and Virginia area.

Sausage Craft
2004 Dabney Road
Richmond, VA 23230

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