Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday's Bread Bowl: Old Fashioned Smores

Gooey Chocolate Wonders

No, you don't have to be on a camping trip to enjoy this unbeatable sweet snack. Here's the “to do.”

What you will need:

1 dozen skewers
1 (24 oz.) bag jumbo puffed marshmallows
1 (14 oz.) box graham crackers
3 – 4 (1.55 oz.) Hershey chocolate bars
1 small serving plate

Cooking & Directions:

Lay-out all ingredients. Break chocolate bars into 3 to 6 smaller pieces and set aside. Poke individual marshmallows with individual skewers at “pointy” end. Turn on gas stove til' open flame is strong. Hold marshmallows over the open flame. Allow marshmallows to roast and char on all sides. Carefully press melting marshmallow between two graham crackers and pieces of chocolate bar. The chocolate should melt and glue s'more together – making a cracker sandwich. Serve immediately and enjoy.  Warning: Be careful not to burn wooden skewers.  Metal skewers may be best to prevent incident injury.

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