Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tuesday's Cupful: Honey Stung Salmon Steaks

The Mixed Stew crew ends the year with a review of some of the best of 2013.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Hot pink ladies 

We like the simplicity of this seafood entrée. Salmon steaks make great cuts for grilling and searing. Here’s our rendition:

What you will need:

1 large cast-iron skillet

1 cutting board ½ cup flour

2 tbspns honey zest of 2 limes

1 metal spatula

1 serving plate

2 tbspns olive oil 4 to 6 salmon steaks, at room temp

Pinch of salt pepper

1 batch butter lime sauce (Recipe to follow.)

Cooking and Directions:

Layout steaks on cutting board. Lightly sprinkle and coat each steak with flour on each side. Next, drizzle and spread roughly ¾ of a tspn honey over each side of the flour coated steaks. Add 1 tbspn olive oil to bottom of cast-iron skillet and swirl around to evenly grease pan. Heat skillet on medium heat until hot then place steaks (2 at a time to avoid crowding) in skillet and brown on both sides for 3 to 5 minutes. Cook through then remove salmon from hot skillet. Immediately plate salmon and drizzle each steak with 1 to 2 tbspns butter lime sauce plus lime zest. Serve warm.

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