Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday’s Side Dish: Boccalone Nduja

A spreadable sausage

The Mixed Stew crew just recently discovered this “spreadable salami” aka Nduja.  Yes, it’s best applied with a butter knife.  This type of sausage originates from the Calabria region of Southern Italy.  Boccalone sells 6 - 8 oz rolls for $ 28.00.  Nduja is most commonly made from pork jowls, pork shoulders, and pork belly.  Authentic nduja is spreadable at room temperature.  Expect a slightly peppery flavor that’s enhanced by a rich and smooth texture.  Italians like to serve this salami on bruschetta, with bits of cheese, or may add a portion to their traditional pasta sauces.  Boccalone also sells other fine meats and sausages.        

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