Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday’s Last Spoonful: Ramen vs. Simon

Relatives that have a similar effect

These two types of Asian noodles and soups seem to be used interchangeably; in fact, the Mixed Stew crew substituted ramen noodles for somen in this week’s recipe.  What makes them truly different from each other?  Both types of noodles contain water and wheat flour but Ramen noodles also contain eggs as a main ingredient.  Ramen noodles appear yellow in color and somewhat curly or wavy.  Meanwhile, authentic somen noodles are white in color and are comparable to angel hair.  Somen noodles also tend to be more light and delicate.  Saimin specifically refers to the rendition or offshoot of Asian noodle soup that’s popular in Hawaii.      

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