Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday’s Side Dish: Field Trip

ToreOre Chicken & Joy: Catonsville, Md.

We’ve been itching to sample this fried chicken vendor that located in The Mixed Stew crew’s nearest H-Mart for quite some time.  Toreore Chicken & Joy features several yummy flavors, such as garlic and sweet –n- spicy.  You can order a large box ($18.00 +) Korean-style fried chicken may come drenched in tangy, sweet, and spicy sauces.  The crispy fried chicken is made to order so be prepared to wait at least 20 (more like 25)  minutes for an order.  The freshly cooked chicken is then packed in a box and secured with a bright red ribbon.  We suggest buying ToreOre fried chicken for your next family dinner.  Also, order more than one box from ToreOre for the next potluck.  Expect juicy and tasty fried chicken everytime you visit ToreOre Chicken & Joy.

ToreOre Chicken & Joy

800 N. Rolling Road

Catonsville, MD 21228       

Located inside H Mart

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