Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday’s Cupful: Background of Pao de Queijo

A cheesy item with history

This cheese bread is very common in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.  Visitors to this region of South America will find that it’s sold as street food from vendors.  History reveals that pao de quiejo surged in popularity among Brazilians beginning in the 1950s.  The name translates to mean “cheese bread” from Portuguese.  Our recipe calls for tapioca flour; however, other variations call for corn flour.  The consistency of authentic pao de queijo should be like elastic or paste-like on the inside.  Meanwhile, look for buns that range in size from roughly one inch to six inches in diameter.  Remember to use hard cheeses, such as queso fresco or “farmer’s cheese.”  Such denser cheeses give pao de queso its needed texture.  The classic recipe calls also for baking in a conventional oven.          

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