Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday's Side Dish: Instant Spicy Korean Noodles

Unwrap a spicy treat

Look for several varieties of instant noodle dishes at H-Mart. We prepared this spicy COLD noodle dish in minutes by grabbing a generic Korean brand packet in the chill section of H-Mart. This one contained all the necessary components to make one large serving or two small servings. We had to boil the noodles, COOL THEM, then garnish them with pre-packed pickled radish, pre-packed hoisin sauce, and pre-packed spicy hot bean sauce. Packages retail between $6.99 and 8.99. WE TRY THEM OUT WHEN THEY ARE ON SALE. We added the hard boiled egg and baby bok-choy garnish to give it a personal touch. Feel free to add meat slices, seafood, and other veggies that you find right for this dish. Follow the English instructions that are printed on the back of the many available renditions.

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