Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday’s Side Dish: Tofutti

A healthy treat for those craving sweets Yes, we’ve sampled this ice cream substitute. Tofutti comes in vanilla, chocolate, vanilla fudge, and butter pecan. David Mintz, a New York restaurant owner, is credited with inventing this non-dairy frozen treat in the 1970s. He was looking for a kosher-safe alternative to regular ice cream and Tofutti was born. The vanilla fudge flavored Tofutti has the soft and smooth consistency that holds up against any dairy-based light ice cream. If you’re lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy-based products, we suggest that you try Tofutti. Also, the company has expanded its soy-based line of products with cream cheese, sour cream, and even guacamole substitutes. Look for Tofutti items at most major grocery stores.

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