Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday's Side Dish: Cranberry Sauce

More than a Thanksgiving regular

This food item, a favorite of the Mixed Stew Crew and many others at Thanksgiving, has more potential than just being a holiday ingredient. Cranberry sauce usually has the consistency of fruit jelly, gelatin, or relish. Basic cranberry sauce can be made of boiling cranberries in a mixture of water and sugar. Some cooks like to add other ingredients, such as orange zest or maple syrup to give their sauce a unique twist. We suggest substituting cranberry sauce for sandwich jelly when serving brie or cream cheese with crackers. Also, keep a can or two of canned cranberry sauce in the pantry for making cranberry infused drinks and dressings in a pinch. Conversely, add minced hot pepper or sriracha to spice up your favorite cranberry sauce recipe. We've used this ingredient in recipes for cranberry meatballs, a potluck favorite.

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