Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday’s Helping: Handling Hot Peppers

A little caution to avoid some heat

The Mixed Stew crew has cooked with hot peppers in the kitchen since we first learned to cook. Our parents would warn us as children not to eat the pepper pieces in any dish, such as kelaguen, but still we grew up having a hankering for the hot kick. Remember that capsaicin contained in the peppers causes the heat. Also, recall that capsaicin has been proven to speed up the metabolism. What’s our advice to avoid a reaction? Some cooks may want to wear kitchen gloves or rubber gloves while handling and chopping hot peppers. A clean plastic sandwich bag might work too. If you don’t have gloves, it’s a good idea to take extra time to lather and wash your hands with soap and water IMMEDIATELY after handling the potent product. The last thing you want to do is to inadvertently rub your eyes or touch your face with hands that have even just a little residue and oil from handling hot peppers.

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