Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday’s Side Dish: Sloppy Joe Variations

Breakfast and brunch interpretations
You’re bound to have leftovers with a pot full of sloppy joe. What can you do with this meaty dish if you wanna change? The Mixed Stew suggests serving sloppy joe in a fluffy omelet for a hearty breakfast. Go ahead and pile on some shredded cheese for a melted cheese kick in every spoonful. Another option is switching out the hamburger buns with warm biscuits and poached eggs for a different version of Eggs Benedict. You can also do the reverse and just add a fried egg to your regular sloppy joe on a bun to make it a breakfast sandwich. Also, try adding sautéed potatoes to leftover sloppy joe to for a sweeter rendition of beef hash for breakfast.

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