Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday’s Cupful: Beef Stroganoff Background

Beef in cream sauce and all that jazz
This may very well be the first Mixed Stew dish with a Russian pedigree behind it. Beef Stroganoff usually consists of slices of beef or ground beef that have been sautéed, seasoned, and cooked in a sour cream-based sauce. The yummy additions of mushrooms and onion also lend much flavor to this entrée. Several urban legends exist regarding how this dish was invented. One popular story says that Count Pavel Stroganov, a member of nineteenth-century aristocracy, first served this dish in his home in St. Petersburg, Russia. Historians have discovered a cookbook from 1871 that lists a recipe. The dish has caught on throughout the world with different renditions taking hold in many countries. The Brazilian recipe features heavy cream and tomatoes while Stroganoff appears in the Nordic region with sausage instead of beef. Some people prefer serving this dish on rice while others like it on a bed of noodles. And yesterday, we showed you a twist using chicken.

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