Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday’s Last Spoonful: Field Trip

Fatburger: Elkridge, Md.

The Mixed Stew crew happily sat down at this burger joint for yummy fries and burgers on several occasions. Fatburger gives customers more than a few options when they order burgers and fries. The Mixed Stew crew likes ordering the “Fat Deal ($8.99).” The deal comes with a fat burger (5.3 oz.), French fries, and a medium soda. Add bacon, chili, a fried egg, or cheese at $.99 each. The fried egg adds an extra comfort food touch. We've had same at other places but it’s not a regular feature. The Mixed Stew crew wishes more burger joints had the fried egg as a regular option. Wanna bigger burger and more beef in every bite? Fatburger also offers the King Burger (8 oz.), Double King Burger (16 oz.), and the Triple King Burger (24 oz.). Meanwhile, patrons can select French fries that come in skinny or fat size. The fat French fries remind us of potato wedges. Burgers are made to order, so everything tastes fresh. Your burger will not feel or taste like it’s been sitting under a heating lamp for some time. If you’re not in the mood for burgers or beef, look for the chicken sandwich deal or hot dogs.

6630H Marie Curie Dr
Elkridge/Columbia, MD 21075
(410) 312-3100

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