Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday’s Cupful: Background on Balsamic Braised Short Ribs

Based on Ol’ fashioned Sauerbraten

The Mixed Stew crew created this recipe based on German Braised Short ribs aka Sauerbraten.  The varying recipes usually call for a chunk of meat that’s soaked and seasoned in red wine, white wine, or vinegar then slow-roasted or braised.  Sauerbraten literally translates into “sour roast meat.”  Germans usually make this staple dish with beef but be on the lookout for venison, pork, and lamb variations.  The Mixed Stew substituted the wine with balsamic vinegar and diced tomatoes in our recipe.   Historically, recipes actually incorporated horse meat and meant several days of soaking the meat in the seasoned liquid.   Meanwhile, gingersnap cookies or ginger bread cookies are crushed into the roast’s drippings to help thicken the gravy.  Germans love this dish so much that it’s considered a national dish.     

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