Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday’s Side Dish: Ichiban Shio Ramen

A special oldie but goodie

The Mixed Stew crew is very happy that it found this unique ramen noodle selection that’s made by Sapporo ICHIBAN.  What makes it a big deal?  Shio Ramen has a cleaner broth compared to regular or “ORIGINAL.”  Shio translates from Japanese into “salt” and that ingredient serves as the main flavor enhancer for this variation of ramen noodles.  Meanwhile, soy sauce acts as the main ingredient in regular Sapparo ICHIBAN.  The clear broth can be refreshing and crisper to anyone’s palette.  We purchased a package of 5 servings for $3. 99 at Great Wall Supermarket.   Also check Lotte Plaza for this variety of instant ramen noodles.    

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