Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday’s Side Dish: Deep Chutney Apricot & Chili

A hot –n-sweet condiment 

The Mixed Stew crew purchased a (10.5 oz) jar of DEEP brand name Apricot & Chili chutney at Lotte Plaza for $3.99. Each spoonful contains real sweet apricots, hot chilis, tangy onion, and hints of orange zest. Serve this food item with your favorite crackers and cream cheese in a pinch. Also, any chutney makes a great accompaniment to roast lamb or roast beef. East Indians make an array of chutneys for serving with their meals and snacks. What makes chutneys different from the usual jams, jellies, or preserves? Typical chutneys usually contain some kind of vinegar or citric juices.

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