Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday’s Helping: What is dagu?

Found in Guam’s boonies
We admit that there may be much to be desired when it comes to Guam’s dagu. The harvesting of these tuber roots during for the yearly holiday season coincides with dagu reaching maturity in the ground. Dagu is scientifically known as dioscorea alata and comes in white and purple. English names include water yam, winged yam, and ten-months yam. Filipinos know it as ube. Also look for these yams in areas of Africa, Vietnam, and Australia.

Dågon håya is the Chamorro phrase that specifies dagu with finger-like appendages. Some of these dågon håya can grow upwards of 3-feet or more in girth and weigh over 10 lbs. Yes, that’s several pounds of tuber root or dagu from one specimen. Dagu lovers can also find it for sell at Guam’s weekly farmers’ market or at food stands that dot Guam’s southern villages during the holiday season.

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