Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday’s Helping: Remove the membrane from pork ribs

Extracting an uninvited guest

Are you wondering why your barbecue ribs (both spare ribs and baby back ribs) are tough and chewy when you cook ‘em? Well, the usual reason may stem from forgetting or neglecting to remove the translucent membrane that’s a bothersome attachment to pork ribs. We’ve learned (over the years) to identify the membrane and pull it off with
several quick motions. Lay the ribs on a cutting board with the membrane side facing up. The ribs’ bones should curl up towards you or the ceiling. We recommend using a sharp knife -- for all the first-timers -- to cut away and peel off the tough membrane of or from any rack of pork ribs. Removing the membrane helps any marinade or dry-rub better penetrate and season the meat.

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