Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday's Last Spoonful: Food Surf

Three more good reads

Food Surfing will feature fun food links from around the Blogosphere, including leads to hardcover helpers. These recommended links may give you other interesting ideas for making your life taste better. The Mixed Stew crew likes hunting through cookbooks for a good recipe or three.

We recommend America’s Most Wanted Recipes by Ron Douglas for food lovers looking for recipes of their favorite dishes from popular restaurants.

Aaron Sanchez’s Simple Food, Big Flavor has yummy Mexican fusion recipes and food ideas to fill your weekly menus with spicy meals. Look out for hot recipes, such as mini chorizo and potato tortas or roasted lamb with pomegranate-tamarind sauce.

Lastly, we like everyday FOOD, which is a Martha Stewart food magazine, since it provides simple “dressed down” dishes and recipes

Note: If you order via the links above, The Mixed Stew creators will get a tiny referral fee.

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