Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday's Cupful: Bacon Marmalade

The Mixed Stew is on hiatus for the holiday. We are serving up oldies but goodies (re-runs) for the whole week. Happy Thanksgiving!

Post from September 9, 2009

An extra-fancy toasted sandwich

The Mixed Stew highlighted a kids' favorite yesterday and now would like to talk about a more grownup treat. Bacon and marmalade on toast raises the bar in sandwich enjoyment. The combination of sweet and tangy marmalade with crispy smoked bacon makes for a tasty experience. This is a sandwich that’s way beyond elementary school recess. Do you happen to be in the Big Apple? Adults may pamper themselves by eating this sandwich (on pumpernickel) at Prune in NYC’s East Village. Otherwise, buy all the ingredients and make a late-night snack. Just don’t forget to toast the bread. We suggest a firm variety of bread as opposed to regular soft white or wheat. Oh, and if marmalade just isn't your thing, Nelly suggests substituting apricot preserves.

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