Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday’s Helping: Gruyere

The Mixed Stew crew is taking a short hiatus. Meanwhile, we’re serving reruns of Spring oldies and goodies. We’ll be back with new recipes and ideas on May 23. Cheers!

Post from January 20, 2010

Say 'Gruyere' for an extra special cheese

We've heard of Swiss, cheddar and Brie, but Gruyere? What's that? Servings of this cheese rock for several different reasons. Gruyere belongs to the Swiss family of cheeses and the cheese is named after the town of Gruyères, Switzerland. Only a certain type of Swiss cheese can be labeled Gruyere cheese. Real Swiss Gruyere has no holes. Meanwhile, look for air pockets or small holes in French Gruyere cheese. The flavor is sweet and slightly salty. The flavor goes from nutty and creamy while young to sharper and more complex with age. Gruyere is a good melting cheese that adds a savory component to different dishes. The state of Wisconsin produces Gruyere in the United Sates. Look for Gruyere in the specialty cheese section of your supermarket deli -- near Gouda, Gorgonzola and Brie. It's not cheap. These days, the real stuff can run up to $20 a pound. What are your favorite dishes that call for Gruyere cheese?

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