Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday's Cupful: Background on Quesadillas

All about these turnovers

The Mixed Stew crew likes quesadillas for the simplicity in preparation. A good, solid fry pan or grill, one or two tortillas, cheese, and a few filling ingredients can really make a tasty and satisfying Mexican entrĂ©e. There’s no fuss with this flat delight. Cooks need to fold a quesadilla if making them with one tortilla (Fold over like an omelet). Food historians believe that it evolved from the simple fried turnover. Meanwhile, the name “quesadilla” comes from queso, which is the Spanish for cheese. Flat slices or wedges stuffed with melted cheese make the simplest variation the quesadilla, but you can stuff the tortillas with as little or much cheese, meat, and diced veggies. Can you think of non-traditional filling ingredients for quesadillas?

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