Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday's Cupful: Cardamom

A little character with loads of punch

This ingredient has stood the test of time as the second most expensive spice in the world behind saffron, according to many reports. Cardamom possesses a slight lemon and minty taste. The bushy plant originated in the Middle East and belongs to the ginger family. Cardamom producers must harvest loads of the plants’ seeds and seed pods. A bag of cardamom contains many whole seeds inside many seed pods. Look for green, black, and brown varieties. The green (Ellettaria) variety exists as the most popular and the most sought after for their superior flavor quality. A little goes a long way when adding cardamom to any recipe. Many East Indian and Arab Cuisines dishes call for this food item. We suggest adding some cardamom to batches of freshly brewed coffee or homemade ice cream for a flavor twist that’s different from the usual chocolate or vanilla.

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