Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday’s Helping: Curry Powder

A little jar of many ingredients
Look for jars or packages of curry powder at your local Asian foods store or H Mart. A little goes a long way since curry powder usually contains different pungent dry spices and seasonings, such as turmeric, curry leaves, cardamom, cassia, and ginger. Expect a brownish green appearance to this granulated spice mix. We suggest adding this spicy ingredient to your favorite BBQ dry rub recipe for ribs or chicken. Otherwise, shake a bit of this pungent powder on steamed shrimp instead of regular seafood seasoning for a tasty change and kick in every mouthful. You should also try sprinkling in a teaspoon of curry powder into your traditional breading or coating recipes for fried chicken or fried fish. Can you think of other ways to use this pungent seasoning?

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