Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday’s Cupful: Pancakes

History of the flat cake
Breakfast and pancakes go together like summer and ice cream. Pancakes are round shaped, flat, and thin cakes (mostly made from similar ingredients to quick breads) that are quickly cooked on a well-greased and hot fry pan or griddle. The three main ingredients in almost all pancake batters are eggs, flour, and milk. A cook must also flip the pancake half-way through the cooking process. One tip: Wait for bubbles to start showing on the top surface.

Archeologists have found evidence that early versions of today’s pancakes were one of the foods dating back to cave dwellers. Currently, regional variations exist depending on the geographical location and country. Germans like making pancakes with potatoes while Frenchmen enjoy their rather large and nearly paper thin crepes. Meanwhile, American pancakes usually contain a rising agent, such as buttermilk or baking powder.

The toppings for pancakes and whether or not pancakes are suitable for breakfast, lunch, or dinner varies. Maple syrup, pancake syrup, butter, fruit, jam, and even whipped cream get served with hotcakes in American eateries. Also, look out for IHOP that serves pancake fare round the clock.

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