Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday’s Side Dish: Instant Udon

A quick fix to a specific craving

Do you ever get cravings for Japanese udon (noodle soup) and don’t feel like going out to a restaurant? The Mixed Stew crew bought this package of CJ brand instant Katsuo Udon (noodle soup w/ pork cutlet) for $6.99 at H Mart. We found it in the chilled noodle section so it is fresher than dried packages. Each bag contains ingredients and fixings for two servings. Expect a tasty broth with thick and hearty noodles, which are defining and hearty elements in authentic Katsuo Udon. We recommend adding some sliced green onion, a poached egg, and or pieces of artificial crab to give each serving more oomph. Follow the cooking directions, which are in English on the back side of the glossy packages.

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