Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday's Side Dish: Sweet -N- Salty Snack

Salty Asian Prunes

These treats are simply known as “sweet –n- sour” to The Mixed Stew crew.  The snack consist of dried plums aka prunes that have been well-seasoned and salted.  Expect to get your hands dirty while enjoying these prunes, which are prevalent throughout Asia and Asian- Pacific areas of the globe.  Look for dark brown, tan, and reddish varieties.  The varying colors depend on the different salty spice rubs.  Meanwhile, some specific plums are sweeter while others may come in specific flavors: licorice, extra hot, or even ginger.  Dried salty plums can substitute for potato chips, pretzels, or processed cheese puffs.  The strong tasty flavor will satisfy anyone’s snack cravings.  Look out for this food item in cities, such as San Francisco and Las Vegas, with larger Asian populations.

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