Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday’s Cupful: Background on Puto

Soft and moist buns

We had a bit of fun making these steamed buns.  Puto is a staple in the Philippines with different variants found throughout China and Southeast Asia.  The Filipino word “puto” literally means rice cake.  The traditional process from rice grains to actual serving of puto takes over two days.  Look for different preparations - depending on specific regions - throughout the Philippines, too.  Rice flour and water are the two main ingredients of this food item.  Meanwhile, puto is traditionally cooked through steaming.  Filipinos like to serve puto with Dinuguan as a heavy afternoon snack or with coffee in the morning.  Lastly, puto possesses a soft, sticky, and light texture.  We suggest serving puto instead of steamed rice in a pinch if you’re out of rice.

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