Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday’s Side Dish: Breadfruit

A tropical-island friend 

The Mixed stew crew was able to pick up a bread fruit during a recent visit to H-Mart. This was quite a surprise since it’s very unusual to find anywhere in the Maryland-Virginia-Delaware regions. The tree and fruit are scientifically known as artocarpus altilis, which translates into “bread fruit” from Greek. We like to bake or fire-roast the fruit whole then serve cut wedges with butter. Breadfruit tends to be rather bland in flavor with a soft and starchy texture – hence it reminds people of bread. Today, the fruit grows in at least 90 countries worldwide. Look for football-sized, oblong shaped, with light green skin in mature specimens. You also want to prepare and cook breadfruit before it starts turning yellow. Serve cooked breadfruit as a side to savory dishes instead of steamed rice, potatoes, or bread.

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