Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday’s Bread Bowl: EZ Short-Cut Siopao

Steamed buns in a flash

We recently learned of this quick method for making Chinese/ Filipino steamed buns. Frozen and precut biscuit dough is the secret ingredient. We thank and offer our hats off to for this technique. Here’s the recipe:

What you will need:

1 wooden spoon
1 baker’s rolling pin
1 cast-iron skillet
1 cutting board
wax paper cut into 5" squares
1 double boiler steamer W/ lid
3 cups water
1 (16.3 oz) can Pillsbury Grands Big Biscuits
1 batch spicy pork filling for siopao * recipe will be posted tomorrow

Cooking and Directions:

Break open pack of prepared biscuit dough. Separate individual round pieces. Flatten each with rolling pin. Individually spoon and stuff roughly one tablespoon of prepared pork filling into middle of each piece of dough while pulling up like a cloth sack, and pressing tight, sealing in filling into a round-shaped bun.

Add and pour in 3 cups water. Cover with lid. Set heat at high and bring water to a rolling boil. Place and arrange uncooked buns on piece of wax paper and place them into steamer. Let buns steam for 10-12 minutes. Buns should fluff-up and grow in size.

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