Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday’s Last Spoonful: Field Trip

Gourmet Shish Kebab: Laurel, Md.
We’ve enjoyed the spicy and yummy dishes for years. Gourmet Shish Kebab is a neat “mom and pop” restaurant that offers grilled lamb, beef, or chicken shish kebabs ($9.45). The kebabs come in spicy or regular seasoned varieties. There’s also Tandoori chicken ($10.95) and lamb chops ($14.95). If you’re not in the mood for something grilled, patrons can also order spicy curries made of lamb or beef ($9.95). Platters come with seasoned rice and any combination of two side dishes, such as curried eggplant or spinach. Other menu items include gyros ($7.00), samosa ($2.00), stuffed grape leaves ($3.50), and baklava ($3.00). The Mixed Stew crew recommends Gourmet Shish Kebab if you want to sample some Middle Eastern and East Indian fare.

Gourmet Shish Kebab
3495 Fort Meade Road
Laurel, Maryland 20724

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