Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday's Side Dish: Spam Musubi

Spam in sushi – canned meat done differently

Yes, it’s a favorite in Hawaii and Guam. President Obama was also seen buying several on his last visit to the Aloha state. Spam in sushi is a tasty marriage between East and West. The flavors of Spam, seaweed, seasoned rice, pickled radish, and (sometimes) egg combine to create a yummy snack. Spam musubi fits in the palm of your hand like a sandwich, making it convenient (and popular) for a quick lunch. There are other varieties in the islands. Take a look at the “hot dog” musubi pictured with a Spam sushi roll. What do you think of Spam musubi?

1 comment:

  1. Fast-food islandstyle. When people in my village didn't have time to go fishing or $$$ to buy the fresh fish, they used whatever they had=SPAM. It's the steak of the islands!