Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday’s Cupful: History of Tabouleh

A grainy salad of sorts

This dish is traditionally calls for bulgur, but we used red quinoa in our rendition. Tabouleh translates from Levantine Arabic into “little spicy.” Historians trace its origins to the Lebanese and Syrian mountains and the Middle Ages. Look for different variations with main ingredients that include parsley, lemon juice, mint and other herbs and spices. Some recipes list diced cucumber among the heartier ingredients. Tabouleh is one of the most widely prepared dishes in the Arab region and has grown in popularity in Western countries. American consumers can find ready-made tabouleh in the gourmet chilled foods section of most major grocery stores. We often order it as a side dish at one of our favorite Middle Eastern restaurants. Can you think of non-traditional uses for tabouleh?

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