Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday’s Helping: Tough Meat Cuts

Low and slow helps soften the subject

Living on a budget means cutting corners. Consumers are forced to select cheaper cuts of meat that don't cost as much as filet mignon, veal chops, or pork loin. What are some ways to tenderize the lower priced beef chuck, pork butt, or flank steak? Slow roasting in a crockpot or braising on the stovetop on low heat with a prolonged cooking time can help make any tough meat cut savory and flavorful. If you’re preparing leaner cuts, such as flank steak or chicken breast, we suggest pounding each raw piece with a mallet under plastic wrap, which helps break down some of the grains in such meat cuts before cooking. Don’t have a mallet? Remember that a rolling pin may suffice.

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