Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday’s Last Spoonful: Field Trip

Mango's Grill: Laurel, Md.

Mango's Grill is a charming mom-and-pop restaurant that puts some fancier dining establishments to shame. The seafood ceviche is just one of the menu items that keeps The Mixed Stew crew hooked on the casual joint. Two types of ceviche are offered. On the menu, ceviche ($10.99) made with white fish is listed. But not on the menu, is the bolder, tastier ceviche mixto. The dish is a blend of white fish, shrimp and baby squid (tentacles and all) drenched in a delightful, light marinade of citrus, cilantro and onions. It is served with wedges of lime or lemon to squeeze over the dish and wake up the flavors on the table. With a side order of flour tortillas, the ceviche can be eaten as an entree, even though it is on the appetizer portion of the menu. Another little tip: If you like heat, ask for the "hotter stuff" when you are delivered one type of salsa. While the regular salsa is delicious, Mango's has a pico de gallo that is made with habanero peppers and onions. It will make your eardrums pop. It's that hot. But it's also that good. The platanos maduros consists of a generous helping of sweet fried plantains with crema Mexicana. It works with the spicy Mexican entrees, such as carne asada, chicharrones, and steak fajitas. Make sure to finish the meal with the tres leches cake. Trust us, you will want to save room for the tres leches.

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