Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday's Side Dish: Cantabella Melons

A hybrid variety

This rare and gentically engineered melon possesses crisp and refreshing qualities in flavor and texture. It's so new that we can't find a thorough and detaled write-up anywhere on the internet. Look for light yellow and orange flesh that's really sweet in a typical ripe cantabella melon. These melons are a hybrid cross between charente melons and cantaloupes. They're in season right now through the hot summer months. Substitute one for your usual the grapefruit or banana at breakfast time.


  1. How can you tell when they are ripe enough to buy and eat? They are cheap in N. TX right now and I want to start using them.

    1. From my limited experience, a ripe Cantabella melon has the dark green stripes as in the above photo but the rind between the stripes changes from a lime green to yellowish-orange as it ripens. Also, where the vine attaches to the melon seems to have a somewhat peppery odor when ripe. The rind itself is fairly thin but tough; so be careful when cutting.